A healthy life will always lead to the kitchen.

This old wisdom is certainly true. At the Genusshof Mesner Aktiv, you can cater for yourself or let us treat you to home-grown produce from the farm. More than just organic – it’s good food from Lesachtal Valley.

Your catering

We offer you a complete culinary service with farm products during your stay, either included in the price or at an extra charge, depending on what you have booked. This includes a delicious breakfast buffet in the morning with fresh produce from our farm, a packed lunch in the afternoon and a 4-course dinner menu, which always includes a vegetarian option.

Please note:

Our kitchen is closed on certain Saturdays in winter. The kitchen is only open from Monday to Friday during the summer months, when we do not offer package weeks such as spring hiking, yoga hiking and similar. During this period, our guests cater for themselves on these days. We would gladly recommend local eateries and shops.

The farm restaurant:

For everyone who likes to be pampered with healthy regional food. At the Genusshof restaurant, we serve you delicacies from Alpe-Adria cuisine and not to forget genuine Lesachtal Valley specialities from our own farm.

Berge & Meer 

Vom 26. Oktober bis 2. November 2024 bieten wir die alpenkulinarik Genusswoche zum Thema Berge & Meer an. 

Um eine Idee zu bekommen, was euch erwartet - hier die Menüs aus der Woche 2023


Preferably home-made

Like our grandparents, we cultivate various fruit and vegetables (zero transports). 

Preferably home-made

We keep cows, calves, dwarf goats, pigs, rabbits, ducks and chicken at our farm. Although the mother cows and their calves are “on holiday in the high alpine pastures” in summer, there are always animals in the barn that provide us with healthy fresh milk that we also use to make natural yoghurt, butter, curds and fresh cheese products. To improve the taste of the eggs, we do not give our chickens animal meal. They also provide us with fresh meat, which we turn into bacon, ham, liver pâté and hot sausages.

We use the fruit and vegetables in our farm kitchen to make tasty desserts and elderberry, rose, currant, jostaberry and raspberry juices. Besides them, we also make direct juices from apples and pears. Aside from this, we distil a variety of fine spirits as well.

Anything we do not make ourselves, we obtain from regional producers close by. For instance, your fish comes fresh from the Lesachtal farm in St. Lorenzen. We receive selected cheeses from other mountain farmers in Lesachtal Valley, especially the mature varieties.

Did you like the taste at the farm?

Here at the Genusshof Mesner Aktiv in Carinthia’s Lesachtal Valley, we spoil you with farm produce and home-made delicacies from the Alpe-Adria cuisine.